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About Us

Shuddh Basket is a fresh produce supply chain company in Mangalore. We aim to bridge the divide between farmers, and retailers by eliminating the chain of middlemen. Currently, our supply chain is equipped to move 5 tonnes of perishables from farms to businesses, every day, in less than 12 hours.

All the produce goes through stringent quality checks at various levels and only the best reaches our customers. We wish to be at the forefront of the agricultural revolution in the country.  We do this by incorporating technology in bringing fresh food to your doorsteps.

The Fresh Journey 

  The Fresh Journey begins with the handpicking of fruits and vegetables at the farms. Each product is then passed through a quality assurance test. The produce is then distributed to retailers, wholesale buyers, restaurants, exporters and institutional canteens within 12 hours of placing the order. Shuddh Basket hopes to create a sustainable ecosystem, where we can support farmers and source local produce, thus supporting local communities and the society.  

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Trust us with your produce. We believe in a transparent weighing system. Get fair prices for your fruits and vegetables. Save time and money – no storage costs. 


Get farm-fresh produce on your shelves in just 12 hours. Avoid trips to the local market and save time and money. 24*7 support is provided by our team to cater to your fruit and vegetable requirements.


Trace your products to their source. Eat hygienically handled quality produce. Support the supply chain revolution by buying your produce from Shuddh Basket Retailers. 


“I truly appreciate SHUDDH BASKET’s initiative. I’ve been selling my vegetables to them. They offer better prices than the market and don’t ask for extra commission.  I recommend all my friends to join the Shuddh Basket movement. “

Mr. Raghav G.S.

“Shuddh Basket has done a great job in delivering fresh produce to retailers efficiently while removing middlemen in the supply chain. I am impressed with Shuddh Basket’s delivery time. They deliver the fruits and vegetables to my shop within 12 hours of placing the order”

Mr Shailesh Kumar

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